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It's current controlled to make clear, stable colloidal silver that's rich in isolated ions and small particles!

Silver Well Features


In addition to the Generator, Transformer, Stirrer and Electrodes, the Silver Well Kit includes an adaptor disc for wide mouth jars, filter paper, scrub pad, and complete operating instructions. All you supply is the water and the jars.

The instruction booklet also includes chapters on Boosting the PPM in Auto and Manual modes, Water Quality and Water testing, Bottling Colloidal Silver, Speeding up the process, Alternative Power Sources, Using Lasers and TDS Meters, and Troubleshooting.

Picture at left shows the Silver Well on a Moccona 200g/700ml coffee jar.

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It's made in the USA by Coyote Zenterprises

The Silver Well is a unique 'Made for Australia' version of the famous Silver Puppy generator made in the USA by Coyote Zenterprizes. (No its not for puppies - it just has a funny name!) The Silver Puppy makes HIGH QUALITY, CLEAR, STABLE COLLOIDAL SILVER, RICH IN ISOLATED IONS AND SMALL PARTICLES as proven by published laboratory reports. The Silver Puppy is continually recommended and praised on colloidal silver discussion groups, and is the generator of choice for people who want to make the highest quality colloidal silver at home. But we've done more than give it a new name for Australia. We believe the modifications made by Coyote at our request make this the best system available anywhere! Now both the Silver Well generator and the stirrer run from a single 24v transformer (not directly on 240v mains power) and the case dimensions allow it to fit a wider range of jars and glasses. But the quality of the CS is exactly the same as the famous Silver Puppy. For independant reviews of the Silver Puppy just join a colloidal silver users group such as 'colloidalsilver2' and ask for comments about the silverpuppy. (See Link No.5 on our links page)

30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If the Silver Well is not exactly what you want then pack it up within 30 days and send it back for a full refund. (Excludes return freight charge).

12 MONTH QUALITY GUARANTEE. The Silver Well Generator has a 12 month warranty against material failure.

Set it and forget it. It's foolproof

The Silver Well produces high quality clear Colloidal Silver every time then turns itself off automatically. You don't have stay around and watch it like a hawk. Cheap generators with simple circuits and timers can be a complete waste of your time and money because they can make CS that is so low in silver its useless, or they can 'run away' and produce a dirty grey ink. The Silver Well (Silver Puppy) generator is regularly recommended and praised in Colloidal Silver Users Groups and other specialist CS websites because of its ease of use and reliability.

The picture here shows the Silver Well Generator on an inexpensive, flat sided, 2 litre 'cookie' jar. I recently saw jars like this in a 'Reject Shop' for about $4. (Click the photo to enlarge it). The jar is sitting on the stirrer base. Inside the jar you can see the magnetic spinner bar that rotates and stirs the water in the Magnetic Stirrer model. On top of the jar you can also see the clear plastic adaptor disc that is included in all kits. The adaptor disc allows the generator to sit on most 'wide mouth' jars.

Uses smart sensor circuitry, not just a timer.

Our Current Control Circuitry and Auto Shut-off automatically produces high quality colloidal silver containing safe trace amounts of silver regardless of a wide range of variables such as water volume, water quality, temperature etc. It also reduces silver wastage, so you get many more litres of colloidal silver out of a pair of electrodes.

If you look closely at most other generator systems you'll see this entire vital component is missing! They have no real control system at all and simply feed the full power from the transformer or batteries directly into the silver wires. Our system uses an integrated circuit and a custom designed printed circuit board to constantly monitor and control the process of releasing silver ions and particles into the water. The Silver Well generator continually controls the power and varies the output as required. This produces quality colloidal silver regardless of the numerous variables that are inevitably present every time you make CS. The Silver Well generator only turns itself off once the required PPM has been reached. (About 4 to 6 hours for 500mls depending on water quality and temperature). Some other generators use a timer but most have no shut-off mechanism at all. And timers are virtually useless for producing consistently high quality CS anyway. That's because the process is greatly affected by a number of variable factors such as water quality, water temperature, air temperature, water movement, electrode surface area, and especially water volume. A generator that shuts off automatically after a pre-determined time without actually monitoring the PPM may really be producing nothing useful at all!

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Every other generator we have seen that costs less than the Silver Well is little more than a basic 'battery in a box' design that feeds the power from a battery or transformer directly into the electrodes. Some may have a light globe to prevent short circuits but none have smart circuitry that continuously controls the current to produce high quality CS then switch off automatically at a proven ppm. (Let alone having a stirrer). We actually show you whats in our generator, most other manufacturers don't ... but for a typical example of a 'battery in a box' design see item 4 on our Links page.

And we have also seen some other generators costing around a $100 that are simply a transformer with a couple of silver wires attached to the end. They give you no real circuitry, no current control, no auto-shutoff, and no stirrer. And they just give you vague instructions like "run it for a short while and it's done". These generators perform no better than a 9v battery and 2 silver wires. So don't be fooled into thinking that just because a generator plugs into the wall it's a smart generator!

It's current controlled to make quality Colloidal Silver.

The Silver Well uses smart integrated circuit technology to control voltage and current. This control means the Silver Well makes beautiful clear,safe, colloidal silver around 12 to 15 ppm, then turns itself off automatically.

Laboratory tests show our colloidal silver to be approximately 85% ionic and 15% particles. The ions (like all silver ions) are just .129 nanometers across. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry shows the particle size ranges from about 35 nanometers to 132 nm which is considered to be very fine. The picture at left was taken in daylight, not in the dark. The red laser line through a glass of crystal clear Silver Well Colloidal Silver shows a dense (but not sparkly) 'Tyndall Effect' proving the presence of abundant very small particles. (See the 'TDS Meter and Laser' page for more info on the 'Tyndall Effect' and details of our optional laser pointer).

CURRENT CONTROL CIRCUITRY PRODUCES STABLE COLLOIDAL SILVER. In addition to the small particle size, high ppm, and clarity, another major benefit of a current controlled generator is the stability of the colloidal silver produced. This means that the CS retains its high quality for a very long time in storage, it doesn't drop out of suspension, it retains a high ionic PPM, and it's far less affected by exposure to light.

Particle size report - and proof of our claims.

Making high quality, high ppm, clear colloidal silver takes hours not minutes. (The Silver Well takes about 4 to 6 hours to make 500 mls depending on water quality and temperature). Most other generator manufacturers make completely unsubstantiated claims about the speed, strength, or particle size of the CS they make. For example, any claim that a low voltage generator can make 1 ppm per minute of good quality CS from a 'standing start' is nonsense. Pure distilled or demineralised water, WHICH YOU MUST USE, is almost non-conductive so it takes quite a while just to get a reasonable current flowing between the electrodes. And then, as current flow increases, it must be controlled to ensure the slow release of ions and small particles. SO FOR ANYONE TO CLAIM THEY CAN RELIABLY PRODUCE A GLASSFUL OF QUALITY 5 PPM COLLOIDAL SILVER IN 5 MINUTES IS SIMPLY RIDICULOUS. (More likely after 5 minutes the ppm would still be near zero).

As far as we know, Coyote Zenterprizes is the only home generator manufacturer anywhere that has an independant and credible particle size report to prove its claims of producing colloidal silver equal or better than the CS available in stores. You can download a pdf of the report by clicking this link. Silver Well Particle Size Report. The report was produced by Colloidal Science Laboratories (CSL) who are recognised leaders in the field of colloidal silver analysis. (See No. 8 on our links page for more info about CSL.)

Does the Silver Well produce 'nano particles' or 'micro particles'?

Yes it does. Nano particles are within the 1 to 100 nanometer size. In a typical batch, 90% of the particles produced by the Silverwell will be less than 100 nanometers. ('Microparticles' is just a made-up word used by some generator sellers to hype up their product. Basically, all generators produce micro-particles, but not all generators produce nano-particles.).

Don't confuse particles with ions!

The Silverwell, like all generators, produces both particles and silver ions. A silver ion is a single silver atom that has lost an electron. All silver ions are the same size now matter how they are made. You can't get a silver component smaller than an ion. An ion is not a particle, but some producers will deliberately confuse the two in order to claim they produce extremely small particles. Ions and particles are two completely different and beneficial forms of silver and as such need to be considered independently.

For more information about ions and particles theres a lengthy discussion at the bottom of 'Making CS' page.

Easy to use, safe, and fully automatic.

The Silver Well sits safely on top of commonly available jars: a glass coffee jar for example. No need for special beakers or canning jars. You just fill the clean jar with pure distilled water, turn it on, then walk away, watch TV, or go to bed. The Silver Well turns itself off automatically at around 12 - 15 PPM. You don't have to stir it, time it, or test it. The electrodes are fixed to the Silver Well so you don't have to mess around trying to clamp electrodes to the glass with alligator clips. And the design of the Silver Well keeps the 240v mains power away from the generator so its completely safe. Some other generators expect you to balance a bulky box or 240v transformer on top of the jar of water. (Picture at left shows the Silver Well on a common Nescafe 150g/500ml coffee jar)

Auto and Manual settings lets you make high ppm CS.

The AUTOMATIC setting on the Silver Well switches off the unit at around 14 ppm. However if you want to make a stonger batch of colloidal silver you have two options. Firstly you can re-run the batch in auto mode which will boost the ppm to around 20 ppm before switching off automatically. Or you can switch to MANUAL mode and go even higher. (30 is about the maximum under most circumstances but up to 40 ppm and higher is still clear with a Silver Well under good conditions. Many people prefer a higher ppm especially for topical (external) applications. Please note that some competitor's generators with auto shut-off don't give you a manual mode, so you can never make a batch above their pre-set ppm limit.

Read more about PPM on our 'Making CS. FAQ's' page. In particular, if you are interested in making high ppm CS, read the notes on using pure water.

Now with DC and SWAP alternating polarity modes.

All Silver Wells now have an additional switch that lets you choose between 'traditional' DC output at the electrodes or new Square Wave Alternating Polarity (SWAP) that switches the current direction every couple of minutes. Each mode has its advantages and disadvantages.

Traditional DC mode is much faster and looks clearer. Batches made in this mode probably maintain their ionic PPM for longer in storage than batches made in SWAP mode.

The SWAP mode is quite a lot slower but produces almost no oxide fuzz on the electrodes. In some cases it may allow the production of higher TOTAL ppm batches or larger volume batches without shut-off problems. A SWAP batch made in auto-shutoff mode may have a higher Particle PPM than a DC batch made in auto-shutoff mode. (The Ionic PPM is the same in both modes when using auto-shutoff).

Includes .9999 pure silver electrodes.

The Silver Well kit includes two 7" looped .9999 pure silver 12 gauge wire electrodes. Thats enough to make around 200 litres of the finest quality Colloidal Silver. (Note, when comparing wire gauges - the smaller the number, the thicker the wire). Most other generators use thinner wire than this, 14 gauge for example, or flimsy flat silver strips. Replacement electrodes are just $35 a pair and are available from Australian Colloidal Silver Generators.

NOTE. This is the thickest 'four nines' (.9999 purity) wire we can find in the world. Slightly thicker 10 guage '3 nines' (.999) wire is available elsewhere but we don't think that's good enough.

The issue of CONVENIENT ELECTRODE HANDLING is also something the Silver Well solves. Electrode positioning and placement is not a small matter. It is actually critical to producing good quality colloidal silver. The Silver Well system is easy to use, and it keeps the electrodes parallel, the right distance apart, and off the bottom and sides of the jar. You may may think this is a minor consideration but try doing it with a couple of alligator clips on the side of a glass and you'll soon discover it's not easy at all. (Try it now with some alligator clips or clothes pegs and some pieces of wire. Then imagine having to do it hundreds of times.)

Thermal stirrer base for batches up to 1 litre.

The Silver Well makes beautiful, clear colloidal silver with or without stirring, but the very best quality CS is made when the water is constantly stirred. (Find out why in our 'Making CS FAQ's'.) The Silver Well 'Thermal Kit' includes a thermal stirrer base. Its a very reliable and economical way of using gentle heat and convection currents to continuously circulate the water during the generating process. Thermal stirring causes total circulation of the water from the bottom to the top, unlike some built-in stirrers that produce a lot of frantic circular stirring at the top of the jar but do little to move water vertically. THE THERMAL STIRRER BASE IS SUITABLE FOR STIRRING BATCHES UP TO ABOUT 1 LITRE.

Read more about the importance of stirring on our 'Making CS. FAQ's' page.

Exclusive magnetic stirrer base for batches up to 2 litres*

Here's the ultimate stirrer for any home colloidal silver production. The first ever magnetic stirrer made specifically for stirring colloidal silver. The Silver Well 'Magnetic Kit' includes a unique, handmade magnetic stirrer base and 2 magnetic spinner bars. This is the same type of stirrer as used in many scientific laboratories - so it really works! In fact laboratory stirrers that do the same job cost hundreds of dollars for the stirrer alone. IT WILL STIR ANY BATCH SIZE FROM A GLASSFUL UP TO 4 LITRES BUT 2 LITRES IS THE RECOMMENDED MAXIMUM SIZE*. Magnetic stirring provides smooth and continuous water movement to ensure complete silver distribution. Because the stirring action is slow but strong, the water movement near the elecrodes never accelerates beyond an optimal speed. This may seem like a minor point, but colloidal silver stirring is a science in itself, and stirring too vigorously can be counterproductive. The stirrer comes with 2 magnetic spinner bars that sit inside the jar.

*NOTE. This magnetic stirrer will actually stir large batches up to 4 litres but generally we recommend that 2 litres is a more convenient size. (A 4 litre batch takes about 24 hours and may require additional procedures such as wiping the electrodes once or twice during the process. Pure water selection also becomes an important issue). To shorten the process, seeding the water with some previously made colloidal silver is recommended.

Water test function.

One of the most critical factors in the process of producing good quality colloidal silver is the initial purity of the distilled or demineralised water. The Silver Well generator incorporates features to help you test the initial quality of the water. In fact if the water purity is inadequate the Silver Well switches off instantly when in AUTOMATIC mode. For more info on the importance of water purity see our 'Making Colloidal Silver FAQs'. We also offer an excellent and inexpensive TDS (PPM) meter for testing the purity of the distilled water you buy.

Gutsy 24v transformer. A fast, safe power supply.

The Silver Well comes complete with an Australian and NZ approved 90-264v AC to 24v DC power supply, not a lightweight, cheap 12v wall plug like some systems. In fact there's probably more technology in our transformer alone than in some entire generator systems. 24v provides 25-50% faster production times than 12v, and its completety safe because it keeps the 240v mains power right away from the water. Of course a major advantage of this system is that you can run it non-stop and never have to buy batteries.

Please note this 24v transformer does not simply feed the power directly into the silver rods as you may have seen in other systems. This power supply simply powers the generator. It's the Silver Well generator (the white thing on top of the jar) that controls the current into the silver rods by automatically varying the voltage as required.

This transformer (voltage and pin style) is also suitable for use in China, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Cook Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga, Vanuatu and Western Samoa.

(One New Zealand company is actually selling this transformer as a generator! They are charging $110 NZ for it including two silver rods! See 'Buyer Alert' on our DIY Designs page).

UPDATE. The power supply has changed since this pic was taken. We now include the latest, more energy efficient, 'switchmode' type DC adaptors that will run on any voltage from 90 to 264v AC. So it will operate almost anywhere in the world.

For overseas buyers heres some useful info about world electrical systems...
The Silver Well will plug into any of the white or black adaptors on this page..

Optional battery power leads for complete portability.

Few high quality generators give you both mains power or battery flexibility, but the Silver Well can run off the quality mains power supply described above (included with the kit) or from the Optional Battery Adaptor Leads (just $5). These leads can connect your Silver Well to a wide range of DC power source from 6 to 36v - even from a car battery or a solar system. At left the leads are shown connecting the Silver Well to a common 9v battery.

Portability like this is also great if you are travelling and want to sterilize the local drinking water supplies.

It's made for Australia / NZ so there's nothing else to buy.

The Silver Well kit includes everything you need to make excellent quality colloidal silver at home - except the jar and the distilled water. You won't have to buy any special electrical adaptors, transformers or plugs, as might be the case if you order a generator from overseas. And the Australian/NZ version of the Silver Puppy (the Silver Well) has been modified inside and out to suit local electricity specs - so it performs exactly as the manufacturer intended. (The Silver Well Generator is shown here on an ordinary drinking glass)

No special beakers needed. Use any size jar.

Don't be lured into buying expensive glass jars or silly little laboratory beakers that you just don't need. The Silver Well sits comfortably on many common household jars, or drinking glasses. For example, most of the common coffee jars are perfect. (For Australia we even specially machined the generator cases to fit the new shape Nescafe jars!) This is a very handy feature as the best method is to have 2 or 3 jars available so that one batch of fresh CS is stabilizing while another is being made. You can use almost any size jar as long as the Silver Well sits on top

Adaptor disc for wide mouth jars.

The Silver Well sits comfortably on just about any jar because we include a 10cm diameter adaptor disc for use on wide mouth jugs and jars such as this lab beaker and the big 400g (1.5 litre) coffee jar.

No exchange rate surprises.

Our prices are all in Australian dollars including GST. Prices you see on U.S. websites may look attractive at first but once you add the exchange rate and the shipping cost you can lose any possible savings. And then theres the cost of any electrical plugs or adaptors you may have to buy locally to get the thing to work on Australian voltage.

Fast delivery to your door.

Order a kit before noon Monday to Friday and we will do our best to send off your order that same day. (Orders received on weekends will usually be despatched on Monday). We use Australia Post Express Bags to deliver KITS weekdays to most capital city metro areas, usually within 48 hours. Outer metro and Country areas may take 48 to 72 hours, but that's still a lot quicker and safer than waiting for an overseas delivery that could take 2 or 3 weeks. For New Zealand orders we use Registered Post. Delivery is usually within 5 - 7 days. Freight charges and details are further described on our Kits/Prices/Order page.

PLEASE NOTE. You can safely order at any time, even over weekends or holidays because we never process Credit Card transactions until your specific order is packed and ready to go!

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